International Spring Orchestra Festival

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With more than 50 years of experience in attracting foreign direct investment towards Malta, Malta Enterprise is the Maltese government’s investment promotion agency. Through its extensive worldwide network Malta Enterprise creates visibility for Malta as an attractive investment location and facilitates the process for FDI to settle in the country. The agency also coordinates initiatives to promote Malta’s economic growth attractiveness. Moreover Malta Enterprise is also responsible for the growth and development of Maltese businesses, locally and beyond. Malta Enterprise works hand in hand with businesses to assist them in setting up, expand, innovate and access global markets sustaining economic growth, retaining and increasing employment.

The ADRC Trust has been established by the Chalmers family in memory of their son and brother Alistair David Robert Chalmers, who died in 2012, aged just 31. Alistair wrote in both poetry and prose, and his book The Dust on the Path was published in 2011. He was also an accomplished musician, photographer and artist. An exhibition of his photography and works of art was staged in 2013.

The Interntional Spring Orchestra Festival is  supported by the Malta Ministry of Finance. The Ministry for Finance is responsible for the introduction of policies and programmes that support Malta's economic, financial, and fiscal wellbeing and to contribute to the sustainability of such initiatives. The Ministry’s main areas of responsibility are; formulating advice on revenue and expenditure policy; evaluating individual spending programmes; conducting research and compiling policy submissions for consideration; and contributing to better financial management in the public service through ongoing review of relevant policies and procedures.

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The Central Bank of Malta was established by the Central Bank of Malta Act on 17 April 1968. On 1 May 2004 the Bank joined the European System of Central Banks (ESCB) and on 1 January 2008 it became part of the Eurosystem. The main objective of the Eurosystem and the Central Bank of Malta is to maintain price stability. In order to meet this objective, the Central Bank of Malta participates in the preparation and decision-making process of the Eurosystem’s monetary policy. The Bank also contributes to the maintenance of financial stability within the euro area and the European Union through its participation in the Eurosystem (including the Single Supervisory Mechanism - SSM) and in other EU structures. The Bank also participates as an observer in the Supervisory Board of the ECB, which is the body entrusted with the supervision of credit institutions to be undertaken by the ECB under the SSM.